7 Key Sales and Marketing Techniques

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Through social media, businesses can actually attract new clients as 50% of small business owner’s reports having new clients through Facebook and LinkedIn.


The Big 7 – What Every Small Business Needs To Know About Sales And Marketing

Through social media, businesses can actually attract new clients as 50% of small business owner’s reports having new clients through Facebook and LinkedIn.

• Every budding business needs to know how to attract traffic. This can be done through the use of social media, SEO and PPC. With the use of social media, you can get the attention of potential clients. You can also start a blog and share your latest post on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

• Through the use of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), you can rank your websites for specific keywords so you can be found through the search engines.

• Through PPC, (Pay Per Click), you can pay a certain amount to promote links to your sites. This can also boost your online traffic.

Capture Contact Information

It is important to capture contact information of leads. This can be achieved through the following.

Compelling Content: When contents are creative, unique and compelling, leads tends to subscribe to you.

Landing Page: Landing pages should be as concise and as targeted as possible. A direct call to action must be included, a form, simple to fill. Just a name and email address is sufficient.

Inspire Trust: Take advantage of testimonials to inspire confidence in the minds of your audience. Make sure they are easy for your leads to see.

Nurture Prospects

Prospects should be nurtured. This is all in a bid to develop their trust in you and increase their engagements. Take advantage of personalized emails as this improves the conversion ratio by up to 70% and the click through rates receives a boost of 14%.

• The above is achieved by establishing a communication rhythm through the development of a consistent timeline for the campaign that meets the needs of your business and prospects.
• Provide contents that are specific to the needs of the reader as they must have communicated with you.

Convert Browsers into Buyers

Make sure that you convert web surfers into buyers.

• With respect to e-commerce, online purchase anxiety can be handled in advance through a full refund policy and a list of frequently asked questions.
• Through customer relationship management, CRM, sales process and team productivity can be optimized and improved. High potential leads should be identified and distributed based on factors like industry and geography.

Keep Clients Satisfied

Make sure that your clients are satisfied through your delivery as Happy Customers are loyal customers. Make sure you keep to your words, providing clients with all that you said you would. Send them surprise packages in line with their preferences. This is born out of the fact that up to 60% of consumers pay more for a better experience.

Develop Client Relationships

Based on the purchase history of a client, you can communicate with them through follow-up messages, telling them of complimentary products and services which they may be interested in. A long term upsell strategy might help you develop recurring revenue over time.

Offer Incentives for Referrals

You can request for referrals from your loyal clients, this can be used to get the word around. This is helpful as clients who get their issues resolved usually tell about 4 to 6 persons. It is simple to get referrals from customers, just ask and do not forget to appreciate them for it. Through a partner referral program, referrals can be encouraged.

Take Action

Irrespective of your business, the afore mentioned steps can be taken advantage of and success can be made out of it. It is beneficial when you want to capture leads that would lead to an increased sales as well as making sure your clients are happy always. If this is done properly, it has the potential of transforming your business, boosting your passion.

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