Use windows laptop as second screen to ubuntu laptop

Using a Windows laptop as a second screen to an Ubuntu laptop is an extremely convenient option, but it’s not quite as simple as it may seem. If you’re using an older computer, you will be able to use the same applications you are used to using on your Windows laptop, but you will also need to know how to open apps in your Ubuntu laptop in order to make the most of them.

Use windows laptop as the second screen to ubuntu laptop

it is easy, but you’ll need to configure your ubuntu-desktop to use it as a second screen. The first thing you’ll need to do is to install Google Chrome (if you haven’t already). Then you’ll need to install Chromium. Next, you’ll need to ensure that you have the latest version of Chromium installed (if you haven’t already).

You can do this by opening your terminal and typing the following:

sudo apt-get update; Sudo apt-get upgrade Once this has finished, you’ll need to launch Chromium (if you haven’t already). Next, you’ll need to go to the “addChromeWindow” function in your “~/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences” file and replace the following line: if (location.hostname.match(/\.local$/) || location.hostname.match(/[^.]+$/)) { with the following: if (location.hostname.match(/\.local$|[^.]+$/)) { This line of code only allows the second screen to use a window if the window is in fact located locally. Otherwise, it will treat the window as a normal tab.

If we talk about software, we should take a look at Synergy and x2x. Synergy and x2x both can be used to share your mouse and keyboard between two computers over the network. I personally like Synergy as it can be configured to auto-start and it is lightweight. Both of them will cost you nothing as they are both open source. If you don’t like open-source stuff, you can look at something like VNC as well. VNC will let you share the whole desktop as it is quite hard to share only the mouse and keyboard with these things.


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