What are the recommended pet stats for pet slots 3-6?

Get the top pet stats and attributes for your pet. Know your pet’s strengths and weaknesses and find out what pet stats or attributes you want for your pet. You will learn the different stats and attributes and how they affect your pets. This blog will give you all the information recommended pet stats for pet slots 3-6, you need to know about your pet`s stats and attributes.

What are the recommended pet stats for pet slots 3-6?

It depends on what you train the pet in. Generally, it is recommended that you train a pet in a stat that has a base stat of 100 or lower. If your pet is a healing pet for instance, it probably doesn’t matter what you train him in.  If your pet is a damage dealer or a tank, you should probably train him in strength, agility, or defense. Agility is useful for physical attackers. Strength is useful for melee attackers.recommended pet stats for pet slots 3-6

Defense is useful for tanks.  If your pet is a caster, you should train the pet in a pet stat that has a base stat of 50 or lower.  Spellpower is useful for casters, but it’s a stat that has a base stat of 50.  The other two stats that have base stats of 50 or lower are intelligence and spirit.  Spirit is not often used, but intelligence is often used.

There are a lot of things that we need to take into account when choosing a pet. We need to be careful about the type of animal, the temperament and the size.The recommended pet stats are not defined for slots 3-6. If you are unable to meet the recommendations during battle, your pet may experience decreased performance. However, you can still battle with the pet that you have on slots 3-6.

We also need to decide how much time we can spend looking after it properly and how much time we can dedicate to training it. There is no point in buying an animal if we don’t have enough time for them or if they are not compatible with our lifestyle. There are certain stats that are important on any pet slot. The more stats on a specific slot, the more expensive the animal will be on slots 3-6, so consider carefully what you want on your pet.

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