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Are you feeling frustrated by the limitations of the official Instagram application? Do you wish you could download media files, hide your presence on stories, or get verified without jumping through hoops? Well, you’re in luck! The Instander APK, developed by thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov), is here to revolutionize your Instagram experience on Android devices. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what Instander APK is, its features, and how it can enhance your social media journey.

Why Download Instander APK?

1. The Insta Mod Revolution

Instander APK is a modded version of Instagram designed to offer users access to a plethora of helpful features that the original app lacks. Say goodbye to the frustration of being unable to download images and videos or having limited privacy options on stories and posts. Instander APK opens the door to a world of enhanced social interactions.

2. Developer’s Commitment to Safety

Worried about getting banned for using mods? Fear not. Instander APK is equipped with robust anti-ban properties, ensuring your browsing experience is seamless and risk-free. Developed with utmost care, Instander aims to provide a secure platform for users to explore Instagram’s extended functionalities.

3. Version Information

Current Version: 17.2

Developer: thedise

Android Compatibility: 9.0+

App Size: 54 MB

CPU Architecture: ARM64-v8a

Last Updated: July 24, 2023

4. Downloading Instander APK

The Instander APK is not available on the Play Store due to restrictions. However, you can easily access the latest version of the app by following the provided link. Download it today to elevate your social media experience. We are providing safe and secure apk files. As we have tested and verified the files with virus-free technology. So don’t worry of banning your Instagram account by using these mods

5. Clone vs. UnClone

Instander offers two versions: Clone and UnClone, both developed by the same creator. The difference lies in their package names. While the features are the same, Clone ( can be installed as a standalone app, and UnClone (com.insta) requires the original Instagram to be uninstalled before installation.

Exploring Instander’s Game-Changing Features

1. Download Pictures and Videos

Are you tired of being unable to save your favorite images and videos from Instagram? Instander APK lets you not only download these media files but also use it as your primary platform for accessing your IG account, saving you storage space and eliminating pesky ads.

2. Close Friends List

Maintain privacy by creating a list of close friends from your followers. Share your stories exclusively with them, ensuring your content reaches the right audience without hassle.

3. Hide Stories from the List

Want to keep certain stories away from prying eyes? Instander lets you hide specific stories from selected individuals, ensuring your privacy and control over your shared content.

4. Allow Message Replies

Tired of unwanted opinions in your message replies? Instander allows you to choose who can reply to your messages, giving you the power to manage your interactions.

5. Save Story to Archive

Running out of device space? Enable this feature, and Instander will automatically save photos and videos to your archive, offering convenience and added privacy.

6. Ghost Mode

With the “Ghost Mode” feature, you can be more mysterious on the platform. Disable typing status, hide your presence when viewing stories, and read messages without triggering the “read” status.

7. Quality Improvements

Enhance the quality of various Instagram files, including IGTV videos, photos, reels, and stories. Enjoy higher-quality graphics, ensuring your content shines.

8. Smart Gestures

Navigate with ease using smart gestures. Swipe to navigate between pages, zoom on photos with a long tap, and like photos with a double-tap. Customize your experience.

9. Miscellaneous Features

Instander offers many additional features, including full-screen stories, an in-app browser, auto-playing video options, suggested friends, and more. Tailor the app to suit your preferences.

10. Donate to Get Verified

Support the developer and get verified as an Instander supporter. By donating and following a simple process, you can sport a verified badge visible to other Instander users.

11. Discover People

Explore potential connections by discovering active Instagram accounts among your contacts. Start meaningful conversations and connections within your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instander APK safe to use?

Instander APK is designed with anti-ban properties to ensure user safety. However, like any third-party app, exercising caution and downloading from reputable sources is essential.

Can I use Instander alongside the official Instagram app?

Yes, you can use both apps simultaneously. Instander’s Clone and UnClone versions allow you to have two separate instances of Instagram on your device.

How can I support the developer and get verified?

Donating to the developer can become an Instander supporter and receive a verified badge visible to other Instander users. Follow the provided process to complete the verification.

Is Instander available on the Play Store?

No, Instander APK is unavailable on the Play Store due to its modded nature. You can download it from the provided link in the article.

Can I customize Instander’s features?

Absolutely! Instander offers various customizable features that allow you to tailor the app to your preferences, enhancing your overall experience.

Instander: Redefining Your Instagram Experience

Instander APK isn’t just an alternative; it’s a game-changer. Unlocking an array of powerful features allows you to tailor your Instagram journey to your preferences. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new world of social interaction. Download Instander APK today and embark on an exciting and enriched Instagram experience.

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