How To Draw sonic Drawing For Kids

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Drawing For Kids are numerous well-known video game personalities who have gained a global following. Few video game figures can match Sonic the Hedgehog’s popularity.

This quick-witted figure is hugely well-liked and has appeared in several video games and even a hit live-action film.

Sonic Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids typically appears blue, but he can transform into the formidable Super Sonic with certain powerups. Many fans enjoy learning how to draw Super Sonic in this form because it is the character’s most famous one.

Fans of this character will find everything they need in this guide to produce some awesome artwork!

As we commence this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Super Sonic in just 6 simple steps, get ready for some high-speed drawing fun!

How to Draw Super Sonic – Let’s Get Started!


  • This illustration of Super Sonic that we will be working on features Sonic in his powered-up form, as we mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial on how to draw Super Sonic.
  • There are a few visual differences between how he usually appears and how he transforms into Super Sonic, most of which are fairly subtle.
  • The main change is that he turns to gold, but there are other details, like the direction of his quills, which now point upward rather than downward.
  • Draw his eyes, which are currently rounded but pointed, and then add rounded lines for his lips and muzzle.
  • Use some more rounded lines with pointed tips for the large quills at the rear of his head. Simply angle them down if you’d rather show Sonic in his regular shape.


  • Now, draw his arm and torso.
  • The final details we add to this Super Sonic drawing will be the first limb and chest.
  • You can start with his chest and create an oval under his head, enclosing it with curved lines. Also protruding from his back will be some sizable pointed portions.
  • Then add his gloved hand pointing out from the extremity of a long, thin shape for his arm. You will then be prepared for this guide’s third stage.


  • Draw Super Sonic’s thighs.
  • Super Sonic is leaping triumphantly through the air in the pose we’re sketching in this tutorial on how to draw Super Sonic.
  • In this guide’s third stage, we will add his legs to clarify the pose further. You can represent the left leg’s elevation by using some curvy lines.
  • His large shoe will be at the end of the straighter, downward-extending right thigh.
  • After that, you can also draw the shoe onto the bent left limb. Finish off by drawing his tiny, pointy tail at his back, and then in the fourth stage of the guide, we can continue to add to this image.


  • Make a fist for Super Sonic after that.
  • In these last few stages, we’re beginning to add the drawing’s finishing touches and details.
  • In this fourth section of the book, we’ll keep things straightforward. All you have to do is make a fist with your left hand. Draw his clenched hand with the thumb folded over it using curved lines.
  • You will be prepared for the final details and components in the next stage of the guide once this first has been added!


  • Finish up your Super Sonic drawing by adding the finishing details.
  • You have completed all of the outline work for this illustration, and in this section of our tutorial on drawing Super Sonic, we’ll concentrate on some smaller elements.
  • To achieve this, his head, torso, and limbs will all have numerous small curved lines added to them. These lines will contribute to the image’s shading and help it gain more dimension.
  • Following these features, you can add some finishing touches and unique details.
  • Since the goal is to create your ideal Super Sonic picture, this is the time to let your imagination run wild.
  • You could include components like additional Sonic characters or create a background that features your favourite Super Sonic moments and scenarios.


  • What other suggestions do you have to make this image complete?
  • It’s time to add colour to this Super Sonic sketch to complete it! The primary distinction between this character’s look and Sonic’s regular appearance is its colour.
  • In contrast to the blues of his standard form, Super Sonic is coloured with vivid golds and yellows, as seen in our reference picture.
  • Additionally, he has scarlet shoes and eyes for contrast.
  • Super Sonic can be illustrated using these colours, but if you’d rather depict him in his original form, you can colour him in blues.