How to Develop and Coach Sales People

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The key to succeeding in sales is having an effective sales manager. It is unfortunate however that for most sales managers, they are not properly equipped to lead a sales team because they lack the ability of being a great sales rep coach, which is the most important skill as far as leading is concerned. Without this, is difficult to effectively engage the entire sales team.

How to Develop and Coach Sales People

When it comes to performance, proper coaching can lead to a 17% change, it is the main driver that leads to whether sales reps will make sales or not. Here are some reasons why sales coaching needs to be a priority.

How To Coach Sales People

• For sales managers, they normally underperform in these two critical skills namely the development and coaching of sales reps.
• Results from the survey revealed that 72% of sales executive members referred to their management pool as in effective with respect to surmounting future challenges in their roles.
• Upon complimenting sales training by in-field coaching, productivity increased dramatically from 22% to 88%.

Statistics of Successful Sales Teams

It has been discovered that for sales team who makes use of sales performance coaching, they made the following progress.

• 161% more success rates.
• 26% more pipeline.
• 19% Fewer losses.

For sales representatives who are coached for just about 3 hours in a month, they exceeded their goals by about 7%, thereby increasing revenue by 25%, increasing the average close rate by 70%.

What Does Coaching Really Mean?

There needs to be an in-depth understanding of the meaning of coaching as there is a difference between coaching, training and managing. Taking these three fields as one and the same is a mistake that is common among sales executives and business owners. For Managing, you are expected to manage an operation, for training, you need to train employees to learn the process while for coaching, you coach individuals to success.

Coach to Engage and Boost Productivity

For an effective coaching system, it is expected that they engage sales reps as often and as early as possible. Here are three tips for developing the culture of coaching.

• Coaching should be based on metrics and behavior that drives sales.
• Sales reps should be publicly recognized as this motivates the winning behavior in them.
• Coaching of sales reps should be as often as possible, setting a regular cadence of coaching is also recommended.

Go For Consistency

Consistency is one of the goals of an ongoing coaching. Here are some other points.


You need to commence with an onboarding and training program that is uniform. It is easier to track the progress of a new employee when there is a transparent coaching system along with the recognition of reps achievement.

Territory Planning:

When goals and a transparent coaching method are incorporated into territory planning, the tracking and sustainable improvement of veteran employee is made simple.

Predictable Forecasting:

Repeatable forecasting is a driver of predictable forecasting.

The Effectiveness of a Manager

The Effectiveness of a Manager

It was discovered through research that there are some actions of manager’s that accounts for 77% of coaching effectiveness. Here they are:

• Developing a strong relationship with direct reports.
• Commitment to the improvement of team results.
• Prioritizing the best opportunities.
• Demonstrating zeal in the pursuance of deals.
• Recognizing the roles played by specialists.
• Taking up to five hours a month to coach their reps.
• Focusing on performance and retention of the best hands.
• Coaching should be tailored to meet the individual.
• Coaching should be delivered in person and in the moment.
• The importance of job satisfaction should not be taken for granted when coaching.

Coaching for the Win

As compared to other factors of influence, engagement and bottom line results is best influenced by coaching. A little investment in coaching of sales reps is a sure way of boosting performance.