Can laptop charger protect laptop from short circuit?

Can a laptop charger protect a laptop from a short circuit? This is a question that many people ask. So let’s take a closer look at whether your charger can help you avoid this problem. A short circuit is a dangerous situation that can damage electronics easily, especially electronics equipped with sensitive circuit boards, such as laptops. In this kind of harmful situation, the power from the charger or adapter will pass through your laptop cord and heat up the internal metal parts inside. And because the internal metal parts are hot, it is easy to trigger a chemical reaction and produce fire.

Can laptop charger protect laptop from short circuit?

Yes, a laptop charger can protect your laptop. Normally batteries are integrated with your laptop, so you cannot replace the battery with another one. However, you can replace the charger if it is out of date or damaged. Replacing the charger with another one is better than nothing at all. This practice can protect your laptop from short circuits. The battery itself cannot protect the laptop, because it will be burned away after a huge current flows thru it.

First thing, everything in this world is made for some reason. The reason the laptop charger has a different voltage is that it is for different laptop models. The charger will send the correct voltage to the computer. And of course, the charger of our laptops is of top quality and it’s made for human safety. There is protection inside the charger. It will stop working when it detects the current reversed. If the charger of your laptop is of bad quality, of course, it will explode.

A laptop charger is only a charging device, and it has no power protection inside, and the spike and surge protection circuit of the charger is generally very small. Any surge and spike will directly hit the laptop, and it is possible that the laptop will burn out the power supply and other electronic products. The whole laptop will be damaged. That is to say, the surge and spike protection of the charger cannot protect the laptop from short circuits.


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